Trying the Trend: Extra Flushed Blush

Trying the Trend: Extra Flushed Blush

Because there’s no such thing as “too much” blush

I need to talk about a trend I think I’ve been waiting my entire life to become popular, and that is loving blush to the point where you can’t overdo it.

This trend has been seen on New York Fashion Week runways, but also on blogs and online for a while where having nice flushes of color on your cheeks, nose, and face has been super trendy.

I am here for this trend because I am already a frequent over-blusher, but I’m especially happy because I have the perfect product to get that look, which is the NARS Blush in the shade Behave.

First of all, NARS is such a high-end brand, and I need to soak that in because little Kerry would be screaming right now if she knew I have this product. I was always a little intimated to try NARS out, just because I felt like you had to be posh to use it, but they’re affordable and well made, so I couldn’t be happier.

If you haven’t used NARS products before, they’re a prestige brand with amazing products and some very interesting names. Their most popular product shades in blush and lip glosses are, of course, the Orgasm collection, but I wanted to find the perfect blush to use for this over-blushing trend.

To create a flushed, blushed look so you can stay on trend this year, take a blush that is your fav, like Behave, and apply it not only on your cheekbone area, but also on the apples of your cheeks, on your nose, a little above the temples, on your chin, and anywhere your face tends to naturally flush with color.

I really like Behave because while it looks like it almost might be a little too light for me, it still gives such that amazing flush I want and then some. These are compact, pigmented, high-quality blushes, and there’s such a wide range of hues to choose from. I like Behave in particular because it’s one of those universal shades, and it’s difficult to over-apply it. You can stack on layers of this blush to give you a more flushed look without ever looking crazy.

These blushes are fully pigmented, but still soft powders that are beautiful on the skin, and a little goes a long way. They’re long-wearing, long-lasting, not heavy, good quality, and compact, so if you want to throw one in your makeup bag for travel, you totally can. If you need a go-to blush for any makeup look, I highly recommend the NARS Blush.

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