The Perfect Perfume to Transition into Autumn

The Perfect Perfume to Transition into Autumn

A sweet scent for the end of summer that dries to a warm, fall fragrance

When I was in sixth or seventh grade, my sister got me my first real, non-body spray perfume, which was the classic Juicy Couture scent. She got me a tiny bottle of it for Christmas and I absolutely loved it, so it’s a nostalgic brand for me.

I’m surprised that I don’t own one Juicy Couture scent out of all of my fragrances anymore! So I wanted to try the Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum because it seems like it fits with my aesthetic, and after reading the fragrance notes, it’s also perfect for the fall season.

I have been missing out on this classic.

I adore Juicy Couture; I’m living for that Y2K glamour. I used to stare in Sephora because Juicy Couture always has the cutest perfume bottles.

Viva La Juicy is no exception, and this one has a gem-shaped top with a light fuchsia bow and gold accents with the brand’s name and logo. It screams that royal aesthetic to me, but also girly glam.

Juicy Couture describes this perfume as “a playful, sweet floral fragrance with a delectable dry-down of creamy vanilla caramel and sensual amber.” It’s in the warm, sweet family, and the key notes are mandarin, gardenia, and caramel.

More specifically, you’ll find top notes of mandarin and wild berries, followed by a floral heart of gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine. The base includes those warm, sweet, and seductive notes of caramel, amber, vanilla, praline, and sandalwood.

I have to say Viva La Juicy smells so good. There’s no doubt that it’s a sweet fragrance, but it still gives those floral hints without being too flowery, and it’s not overwhelmingly sweet to the point where it doesn’t smell like an adult fragrance. It smells rich and luxurious, like a lady with money to spend.

This is the perfect fragrance to transition between the lighter, fresher, more floral scents of summer to the deeper, muskier, heavier scents we typically wear during the fall or winter. It’ll get you in the spirits of autumn.

I would give this scent a 10/10; I love this fragrance, and I cannot stop smelling it. I’m going to smell like Viva La Juicy for the rest of the season.

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