Sparkle in Endless Color this Holiday Season with Glisten Cosmetics

Sparkle in Endless Color this Holiday Season with Glisten Cosmetics

Just in time for the holidays comes Glisten Cosmetics.

A beauty company created in 2017, Glisten Cosmetics is the brainchild of Natalie Chapple, a UK teacher who started the brand by selling glitter from home as a side hustle to make ends meet. With affordable products and a focus on inclusivity, self-expression, fun, and color, Glisten has grown into a full line of makeup with celebrity fans like Doja Cat praising the line.

Finding herself home full time after giving birth to her daughter in 2018, Chapple decided to devote more time to her fledgling side business with an eyeshadow palette. She oversaw every aspect of production, from design and testing colors to formulations. This was the first step in expanding the company beyond just glitter.

2020 saw the birth of Glisten Cosmeticsā€™ Wet Liners and Split Liners. These new products were so popular after going viral on TikTok that Chapple decided to leave her teaching job and dedicate herself full-time to her growing makeup brand.

Today, the line no longer includes glitter, but offers products including eyeliners, lip glosses, and mascaras in a wide range of vibrant shades. The entire Glisten brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and even includes unique tools and brushes for perfectly applying the eye products.

Chapple believes the key to her success is having good customer service and providing inclusive, affordable, quality products, evident by the raving 4.7 star rating out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. For Glistenā€™s future, Chapple plans to continue expanding the product line and making it more widely available, with the ultimate goal of having the brand on every drug store shelf.

Sustainability is also incredibly important to Glisten Cosmetics. As such, the brand has strived to minimized its environmental impact when it comes to packaging and shipping.

To minimize its carbon footprint:

  • The brand uses sea freight whenever possible with the goal of eliminating air freight completely by 2025.
  • Its main shipper is Royal Mail, the greenest in the UK with the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel.
  • Glisten Cosmetics also uses local businesses whenever possible for things like product photography to stay green while helping the local economy.

To reduce packaging waste:

  • The brand uses only small and recyclable outer packaging (envelopes) to ship items.
  • It is mindful of unnecessary packaging, which is why none of their Wet Liners come in boxes.
  • Glisten also uses paper packaging where possible, and all palettes and pans are magnetic, so they can be refilled and reused without having to buy new ones and trash the old.

Glisten Cosmetics make the perfect companion to usher in the holidays and take your makeup look from drab to fab. With so many customizable, vibrant colors, fun textures, and light catching finishes, there are endless unique ways to take your makeup game up a notch for all the fast-approaching festive parties and gatherings. These also make a great gift without breaking the bank for the fashionista on your shopping list.

Wet Liner

These Wet Liners are water activated, apply smoothly, and dry down to a budge-free, vibrant finish that easily washes off with soap and water.

It is important to get the water-to-product ratio correct for a creamy, paste-like consistency for high color payoff. Too much water will make the liner apply sheer and faint, while too little water will result in problems transferring the product from your brush, as well as possible clumping.

Start with a wet brush and swirl it into the product, slowly adding more as needed. Once you nail the water ratio, itā€™s quite easy to apply.

There are more than 100 vibrant colors in finishes, including matte, metallic, shimmer, pastel, neon, iridescent, duochrome (a combination of two different pigments that change color depending how light hits them), and UV that glow in UV light.

Split Liner

Split Liners are the same as wet linersā€”as far as how to apply them and having a water activated ā€”but with the added benefit of two complimentary colors in the same pot. They are meant to be mixed and matched and are great for creating an ombre liner, or completely unique new shades by mixing the two colors together.

The endless options are yours with Glisten Cosmetics Split Liners. They are available in more than 50 colors with the same finishes as the Wet Liners.

Spectra Lash

Transform your flutter using this lengthening mascara that saturates lashes in vibrant color. Available in 15 eye-catching shades to match any festive outfit or accessory, give your eyes that perfect holiday pop with Spectra Lash.

Spectra Paint

Get as creative as your imagination will allow with Glistenā€™s Spectra Paint.

This versatile waterproof paint can be applied anywhere on the face (eyes, cheeks, or lips) with an intense color payoff. These paints are perfect for a vibrant winged liner, bold blush, megawatt lip, or bright graphic detail.

The full coverage, rich shades can be used alone or mixed to customize. Though the shades are saturated, they can be blended for a more subtle effect. A little goes a long way, apply with a brush or a sponge, and remove with an oil-based makeup remover.

Chroma Flik

Take your holiday cat eyes to the next level with Glistenā€™s Chroma Flik. This water-resistant, duochrome liquid eyeliner is available in eight super pigmented, universally-flattering shimmering shades that show off beautifully on all skin tones. Give your eyes an extra festive sparkle this holiday season in one swipe.

Chroma Flakes

Create a holiday gaze thatā€™s merry and bright with Chroma Flakes, or add a little euphoric holiday cheer to your cheek bones with these bright, metallic, iridescent flakes. Encased in a gel base, these mesamrizing sparkles are super easy and mess-free to apply.

These pigment-packed pots go on wet and dry down to a soft, silky feel. They look equally gorgeous alone or over eyeshadows and blush. Available in 13 ethereal and intense shades, the light-shifting, eye-catching possibilities are endless.

Liner Brush

The entire Glisten line of brushes are made of cruelty-free synthetic fibers with wooden handles. The Liner Brushes have thin, tapered bristles ideal for precise lining with control and detail.

They come in 11 different sizes, all for specific uses. Starting with small, thin, and short bristles for perfect winged liner, and increasing in length and thickness for more graphic and continuous lines. The thicker the brush, the bolder the line and look.

Maytahmi Brush

The Maytahmi Brush was made in collaboration with makeup artist May Tahmina Akhtar. It comes in three sizes: small (5mm), medium (10mm), and large (15mm). Each brush is dual-ended with a liner brush on one side and a dotting tool on the other for creating perfectly round spots.

The small brush is ideal for creating detail and small size dots, the medium to create graphic lines and medium size dots, and the large for creating long, continuous lines and larger size dots.

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