Smooth and Harmonious Holiday Hair

Smooth and Harmonious Holiday Hair

How to maintain that fresh blowout wash after wash

The holidays are hectic enough without the changing weather wreaking havoc on our hair. If you’re short on time or patience and you need your blowout or heat-styled ‘do to last more than one wash, I have the magical miracle product to lock in your look and tame any frizzy tresses.

Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is magic in a box. It’s like a miniature keratin treatment that smooths out frizz by holding in the hair’s hydration and sealing the cuticle against outside moisture. The locks are left looking and feeling incredibly soft, silky, and glossy.

This miracle formula uses heat-activated polymers that mask each strand to not only shield against moisture but also to lock in a sleek shape.

Blowouts don’t last forever, and wigs, extensions, and ponytails get frayed quickly and easily. But because this spray repels water, it provides anti-humidity protection for three or four washes, so you don’t need to reapply and style all over again after showering.

The best part is that this spray is also lightweight and invisible on the hair, so your ‘do just looks healthy and freshly finished. It only works on the surface of the hair as well, so it’s perfectly safe for colored locks and keratin-treated tresses.

Some of the best gifts come in small packages, so work smarter, not harder this holiday season, and get yourself some hair magic.

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