Peachy Keen Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial

Peachy Keen Neutral Eyeshadow Tutorial

A Fun, Bright Twist on a Classic, Everyday Look

Colorful makeup looks don’t have to be scary or dramatic; you can create a simple, neutral, everyday eye while still being adventurous. Incorporating some bright colors into your usual makeup routine doesn’t mean you have to go bold, and it can flatter anyone, no matter the complexion or undertone.

One of my go-to eyeshadow palettes for summer and easy, subtle looks with a pop of cute color is the iconic Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette.

This perfect palette comes in the classic Too Faced tin with 18 beautiful shades of blendable color. It also has a nice peachy tone with a couple of darker shades as well, and some neutrals to tie everything together. Each shadow has a different finish, plus it smells like peaches because it has peach extract in the shadows themselves.

These peach/orange tones are the easiest way to get some bright color into your makeup routine without having to branch out too far. Let’s go through how I got my eye look, which gives a fun twist on a neutral everyday eye.

I started with the light, matte Peaches ‘n Cream shadow as an overall eye base from my lash line to right under my brows and out to my hairline, layering where needed to get an opaque finish.

Next, I took the Puree and Georgia shades (a light matte brown and pale pink) and applied those to my crease and outer corner, blending up toward my brow for a seamless transition. Then I went in with lightly sparkling Candied Peach across my lid for a bit of boosted color and blended that with the darker crease as well.

Once the base colors were done, I took Luscious with my fingertip, then swiped and patted it over just my lid for a shimmering finish. I also used the golden metallic Nectar shadow with a small-tipped brush to brighten my inner corners.

Finally, I used an angled brush with Charmed, I’m Sure in a triangle from my outer corner to the middle of my lash line. This creates a soft, natural, smokey liner finish before applying the final touches of a thin black liner, mascara, and lashes.

And that is it! Now it’s time to slay the day with your fresh new peachy keen eye look thanks to the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette.

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