Naturally Formulated, Scientifically Developed Skincare

Naturally Formulated, Scientifically Developed Skincare

Innovative solutions and devices for any person, skin type

With formulas scientifically designed to contain more than 90% natural ingredients, more than 20 years of experience in regenerative medicine, and innovative approaches to skincare, health, and wellness, Regen4D is committed to improving the quality of life for every person, every age, and every kind of skin.

From its headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, Regen4D researches, develops, and manufactures its solutions and devices to provide revolutionary approaches toward prestige skincare, women’s health, sexual health, LBGTQA+ needs, and general wellness for all, because beauty is beyond skin-deep.

Dermatologist-tested, certified cruelty-free, and created without parabens, gluten, or fragrances, the Regen4D skincare line is not only suitable but safe for all skin types.

When skin lacks hydration, it leads to a dull complexion and more fine lines. Well-hydrated skin, however, improves elasticity and oil production, which reduces wrinkles, breakouts, and sensitivity to sun damage. That’s why Regen4D’s clinically formulated RegenLift™ Hydrating Skincare delivers deep and long-lasting hydration with its topical solutions.

4D Hyaluronic Acid

Most skincare enthusiasts know the superhero ingredient of hyaluronic acid (HA) is powerful when it comes to hydration. Our bodies make HA naturally, but it depletes as we age, which makes including hyaluronic acid into any routine an easy decision. However, the HA molecule in most topical skincare is too large to penetrate the layers of the skin, only hydrating its surface.

Regen4D’s 4D HA is more than superficial; it contains four different molecular weights that absorb into the epidermis and dermis layers. With replenished hyaluronic acid, the skin is not only plump with hydration with improved elasticity and oil production, but it creates a more youthful and radiant overall appearance.

Nightly Skincare

During the day, the skin is vulnerable to damage from contaminants, toxins, UV radiation, and more. While a cleanser is important in the morning and at night, and sunscreen is a must every day despite the weather, the skin repairs and revitalizes itself, which is why a nighttime routine is especially important.

However, skin can’t breathe and heal properly when it’s too dry or when pores are clogged with dirt, makeup, oil, and the rest of the day’s pollutants. By properly cleansing and moisturizing at night, you support your skin’s recovery process.

Naturally, the skin produces less sebum at night, causing it to become drier. Water passively evaporates in a process known as transepidermal water loss, but adding a moisturizer can help prevent this dehydration.

Many skincare actives and anti-aging chemicals are also more effective while sleeping as they have more time to absorb properly.

The skin around the eyes, for example, has fewer oil glands and collagen than other parts of the body. Therefore, this sensitive area is prone to more dryness, sagging, lines, and wrinkles. That’s where eye creams—such as the Regen4D HA Deep Hydrating Eye Cream—step in as an important nightly step as they are made to hydrate and protect this delicate area.

Five Best Sellers

RegenLift™ Deep Hydrating Serum

As well as Regen4D’s 4D HA complex—which maintains hydration and improves firmness—the RegenLift™ Deep Hydrating Serum reduces inflammation and irritation as well as protects against environmental stressors.

This formula also uses six other key ingredients including barrier-restoring, protecting, and moisturizing glycerin, repairing creatine, and texture and irritation-improving rice ferment filtrate. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B) hydrates and minimizes irritation as well as imbuing anti-inflammatory and skin-protecting properties, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABBA) penetrates the skin quickly to relax muscle tension, and Armillaria Matsutake Extract is an anti-aging antioxidant.

Together, these ingredients work in synergy to soothe, protect, plump, and even reduce the appearance of scars.

In clinical studies, 100% of the subjects felt their skin felt more hydrated and its tone and texture were improved. Also, 88-97% saw a noticeable reduction of lines and wrinkles around the eyes and felt the area was plumper and firmer.

Regen4D HA Deep Hydrating Lotion

Lock in lasting moisture, protect against environmental stressors, and stimulate collagen production with the Deep Hydrating Lotion. While preventing water loss, this moisturizer stimulates collagen production to create a healthy, glowing, youthful appearance.

Deeply hydrating, this lotion minimizes fine lines and wrinkles to improve the skin’s overall texture. It also helps to fade hyperpigmentation as well as dark spots. This formula also uses the 4D HA and glycerin, but it also uses antioxidant-rich coffee extract plus absorption-improving and irritation-minimizing Saccharomyces Lysate Extract.

In clinical studies, 100% of the subjects felt their skin was more firm, soft, nourished, and hydrated as well as noticing a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Regen4D HA Deep Hydrating Face Cream

Intensely nourishing and soothing, the Deep Hydrating Face Cream uses an exclusive formula to boost cellular activity and plump the skin for a firm, glowing complexion with minimized fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamins B5 and E combine to heal the skin and protect it from sun damage while the 4D HA and glycerin hydrate and restore the skin’s barrier. This face cream also uses shea butter and cocoa seed butter as a deeper moisturizing and nourishing duo.

In clinical studies, 100% of the subjects felt their skin was soft, nourished, and hydrated. Another 91-94% saw a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles while feeling a softer, regenerated, and younger-looking complexion.

Regen4D HA Deep Hydrating Eye Cream

Rapidly absorbing to hydrate, depuff, and protect the delicate eye area, the Deep Hydrating Eye Cream is as lightweight as it is powerful. As well as shea butter and the patented 4D HA, this restoring and protecting cream reduces puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles with moisturizing jojoba seed oil and anti-aging, antioxidant, and caffeine-rich coffee seed extract.

CellularMask™ Deep Hydrating Sheet Mask

Restore moisture, repair the skin, and boost cell turnover with the full-face-and-neck Deep Hydrating Sheet Mask. While minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, this serum-infused mask reduces irritation and inflammation for a smooth, glowing complexion.

This sheet mask uses all the top-quality skincare ingredients Regen4D is known for, including the 4D HA, glycerin, creatine, rice ferment filtrate, pro-vitamin B, armillaria matsutake extract, and GABA.

In clinical studies, 100% of the subjects felt they had fresh, nourished, and hydrated skin. Another 88-97% saw an improvement in skin texture, a more luminous and radiant look, and all after a single use.

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