How to Apply Falsies

How to Apply Falsies

Tips and Tricks for Easy Lash Application

Even the most experienced makeup gurus still have one or two things they struggle with, and I have been asked over and over again about how to apply falsies. The truth is that it’s easier than most people think! In fact, the way I apply my false lashes is super simple, so I’m going to take you through that quick and easy process step-by-step.

It’s important to note that you should already have your makeup done before applying false lashes, including any eyeliner, mascara, or setting spray you will use. Lashes should be the last step of any makeup routine.

When it comes to which lashes to use, I like the Kiss i-Envy line, which I highly recommend because they have a thicker band. This makes i-Envy lashes easier to apply than other brands with thinner bands, especially if you’re still new to lash application.

Once you have your new lashes picked out and ready to go, before you start sticking them on, the first thing you’re going to do is trim them to fit your eye. Hold one of the falsies up to your lash line with the inner corner where it’s supposed to sit and note how much excess hangs off the outer edge (an easy way to remember is by how many lash “bunches” are on the excess).

After measuring, cut the band from the outside of the lash where they’re the longest, then double-check they fit where your natural lash line lays. It’s always better to cut too long than too short. As a bonus tip, try cutting at a slightly shallow angle to taper the outer band edge and make it blend more seamlessly into your natural lash line (but not so much where there won’t be room for glue).

When it comes to lash glue, I prefer one with a brush, like Ardell’s Duo line, and the Ardell Duo Quick-Set Lash Adhesive Clear in particular.

Once the lash is trimmed, you’re going to apply a light layer of glue along the lash strip. The most important part is to then let it sit for around one minute (if you use white glue, it will start looking almost “blue” when it’s ready). This allows the glue to get tacky so when you go to apply the lash, it sticks right away without moving around.

Place the lash above your natural lashes but as close to your lash line as possible, then lightly tap the edges to make sure they’re stuck down. Because the glue was already tacky from that one minute of drying, the lashes stick in the right spot right away.

Falsies have never been easier to apply, so if you’ve been wanting to try them but felt intimidated, this is your sign to give it a go!

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