Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial

Heatless Curls Hair Tutorial

Voluminous Waves Take Minutes in the Morning

If you only have a couple of minutes to get ready in the morning but love rocking voluminous curls and waves, heatless curls are the way to go.

I’ve been doing heatless curls for a while now, and it’s game-changing when it comes to getting myself looking my best, even as a girl mom with a new baby to boot. Let’s go through how I do my no-heat hair routine.

The first step is to make sure you’re using the right type of shampoo and conditioner in your hair.

My favorite set—and my number one go-to for a while now—is the Olaplex line. I use the No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, which I have a whole other video about, as well as a review of the No.6 Bond Smoother and No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask.

No.4 and No.5 will transform your hair, especially if it’s frizzy or has a hard time holding a curl. Styling requires a good base to start with or else your ‘do just won’t work or hold, especially with a heatless style like this.

So, step one is to create a good starting point by washing your hair with Olaplex’s shampoo and conditioner. This will help your hair style as well as possible and hold the curls we’re adding.

Now it’s time to put the curls in.

A big issue I tend to see when it comes to heatless curls is that people have their hair too wet when they put the rods in, which doesn’t allow their hair to fully dry and the waves don’t stay when they’re taken out the next morning. A way to get around either to take a shower earlier in the day so that it’s just slightly damp when it comes time to add the heatless rods before bed, or you can use a spray bottle to spray down and lightly dampen your locks.

I always prep my hair before styling as well to help it hold the curl better and minimize any frizz. I use the DevaCurl Flexfactor Curl Protection & Retention Primer, which makes a huge difference in making the curls stay once the rods are removed. I add just a bit to my palms, rub it between my hands, and run it over and through my hair.

There are many different techniques and tools you can use to create heatless curls. I’ve found with my long hair, the method that works best are flexible and satin-wrapped rollers, such as the Goody Satin Pillowsoft Rollers. I’m a crazy sleeper as I move around a lot, so I need something with a lot of holding power.

Some other solutions are using the sash for a bathrobe, long clean socks, or a large single rod; it just depends on how much hair you have, how thick it is, how much you move in your sleep, and how comfortable your solution is for you.

For my rollers, the easiest way I’ve found to put them in is by starting with the bottom section of my hair and pulling all the rest up and out of the way. Roll the ends of your hair around the rolling rod first to secure it, then twist the roller up so the hair continues to wrap around it, then bend the rollers into place to hold the hair.

Once the hair is wrapped, sleep on the rollers overnight.

In the morning, it’s time to take out the rollers, then brush and finish styling the hair.

The volume these rollers create is insane. I also run through my hair with the DevaCurl Flexfactor Curl Protection & Retention Primer once again to help take it down a bit and keep my ‘do looking nice.

Taking the rollers out, brushing through the tresses, and cleaning up the curls with a frizz-minimizing and curl-holding spray is all it takes in the morning to finish this style. It only takes a couple minutes to head out the door, and you’ll get compliments on your gorgeous ‘do all day long.

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