Grow Thick, Full Hair with Trusted Ingredients

Grow Thick, Full Hair with Trusted Ingredients

Good things comes in NAVY bottles

Instantly upgrade your shower routine with NAVY Hair Care’s ultra-effective regimen. These products not only keep the health of hair in mind, but are created for all hair types, treatments, tones, and textures. They encourage fuller, thicker growth and create flawless styles by adding texture, calming frizz, boosting volume, and always nourishing the scalp and strands.


Hair Care Commitment

Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, or coily locks, NAVY’s expertly formulated products are designed to nourish, strengthen, and enhance your hair’s natural beauty and unlock its full potential.

NAVY uses high-quality ingredients and hand-picked formulas to treat hair troubles and create a routine with products that do more than just one thing. This hair care line is backed by extensive research and uses the finest trusted ingredients sourced from nature to deliver real results.


Environmental Responsibility

Beyond NAVY’s high-quality products, the brand also prides itself on inclusivity, cruelty-free practices, and its environmental commitment.

NAVY is cruelty-free and does not test its products on animals. It also minimizes its environmental footprint with sustainable practices, eco-friendly products, and recyclable packaging. On top of green packaging practices, NAVY’s aerosol cans do not omit harsh chemicals in the air, making them even more environmentally safe.

The ingredients themselves are also great for your tresses. All NAVY products are made in the US, safe for color and chemically treated ‘dos, and free from sulfates, parabens, and mineral oil.

Any formulas that use alcohol contain cosmetic-grade alcohol that does not dry or strip the hair. Also, NAVY uses high-performance, water-soluble silicones in some products, which don’t leave residue or build up and don’t weigh down locks.


Star Sellers

If you searched our showers and bathroom counters, you’re bound to find at least one NAVY product; we adore the high-end ingredients and how the whole line works with all hair types. Also—except for the shampoo—NAVY Hair Care’s products use frizz-reducing keratin, which is a must in the humid summer months especially.

No matter your cleaning and styling needs, NAVY has something for your ‘do. However, there are a couple products we recommend to get your new routine started:


Pebble Beach – Dry Texture Spray

Easily refresh day two or three hair and achieve a perfectly tousled look with the Pebble Beach Dry Texture Spray. This light, flexible hold spray uses sunflower seed oil to protect against UV and free radical damage, maintains the hair’s natural movement, and prevents breakage while panthenol strengthens strands and prevents split ends.

We love this spray because it not only creates long-lasting, touchable texture and major volume but also leaves a clean feeling and light, fresh scent and washes out easily when it comes time to shower. But don’t just take our word for it; Allure ranked this as the Best Dry Texture Spray in August 2019, and it is NAVY’s top-reviewed product!


Swell – Styling and Thickening Cream

Packed with powerful ingredients, the luxe Swell Styling and Thickening Cream always leads to a perfect hair day. It uses Pro Vitamin B5 for visible shine and thickness, Almonds for hydrating glycerides, and Sunflower Seed Extract for UV and free radical protection.

Not only does this hair cream have a heavenly scent, but it also layers easily with other hair products and works well on its own. It creates smooth, silky locks with body and a soft hold. You can also use heat with this cream to maximize that volume.


Search and Rescue – Shampoo and Conditioner

Revive and revamp your tresses with the Search and Rescue Shampoo and Search and Rescue Conditioner for a soft, strong, smooth finish. Perfect for all hair types, both formulas use Biotin to promote healthy growth, Rosemary Oil to improve cellular regeneration, and nourishing Vitamins A, C, and E for added elasticity.

As well as adding shine, heat protection, and breakage prevention, the shampoo thickens strands and stimulates growth for fuller, thicker, glossier, and more volumized locks. The vegan-friendly conditioner repairs, strengthens, and grows locks while promoting scalp renewal. It can also be left on a little longer as a deep conditioning treatment and is safe for colored, keratin-treated, and extended hair.


Style Navigator – Prep and Finish Spray

For effortless and versatile styling, the Style Navigator Prep and Finish Spray controls frizz and protects your mane against the elements. This formula uses Hydrolyzed Silk to nourish locks, add strength and elasticity to strands, and prevent damage while also providing heat protection and shine.

As well as creating hold and shielding against UV rays and humidity, you can use this spray as a detangler on wet or dry locks.

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