Discover the Best in Guy’s Grooming Goods

Discover the Best in Guy’s Grooming Goods

Grooming Lounge is a Man’s One-Stop Shop for Everyday Essentials

Committed to offering the “best of the best,” Grooming Lounge curates a select set of hair, skin, shaving, and grooming essentials that deliver maximum results. These upscale products are made in the U.S.A., are cruelty-free, and use the finest ingredients (but never parabens) to elevate men’s handsomeness and confidence.


From Start to Spa

Mike Gilman, with more than a lifetime of experience in the men’s grooming and fashion industry, was the “unofficial grooming goods supplier” to his regular-guy buddies. He used this role to create custom-blended men’s grooming products and launched Grooming Lounge in 1999.

Since then, all the Grooming Lounge products have been conceptualized, developed, tested, and approved by the brand’s expert team of Barbers and Men’s Skin Care Experts. These pros also use these products every day in the Grooming Lounge Barbershop + Men’s Spa.

The first barbershop opened in March 2002 as a brick-and-mortar destination for product offerings and classic services—such as men’s haircuts, hot lather shaves, business manicures, skincare, and more—in a masculine setting.

Today, you can still visit the brand’s iconic Barbershop + Men’s Spa in the Tysons Galleria of McLean, VA as a go-to grooming resource. Open since 2004, this location boasts an all-star lineup of experienced, talented professionals.


Best-Sellers and Award-Winners

With skincare, hair care, body care, and more made with men in mind, you can’t go wrong when choosing any Grooming Lounge product. However, here are five best-selling and award-winning picks that can make every guy feel good from head to toe.


The Best Shampoo

A daily hair cleanser that gently removes residue to promote healthy hair and a great scalp environment, The Best Shampoo adds thickness and volume to the hair as well as hydration to the scalp and strands.

Peppermint works to not only smell great but also to stimulate with that just-right tingle. Rosemary leaf also adds to this shampoo’s scent while promoting circulation and preventing itchy scalps. Wheat protein and biotin also add volume, shine, and strength to a ‘do.

Not only does The Best Shampoo gently cleanse, hydrate, and smell amazing, but it thickens strands for a fuller look and helps maintain the hair that’s already there. It’s also a sulfate and paraben-free, vegan-friendly formula.


Our Best Smeller Body Wash

Voted “Best Smelling” Body Wash by The Huffington Post and others, this energizing and moisturizing cleanser leaves the body seriously clean and cloaked in an unbeatable Black Pepper scent. Our Best Smeller lathers, cleanses, and hydrates with its energizing aroma, plus key ingredients such as acai, aloe vera, and seaweed extract.

Black Pepper Oil invigorates the skin while scenting the skin with its long-lasting, lingering scent as acai revives, heals, and adds moisture. Aloe vera also reduces inflammation and prevents breakouts while the seaweed extract also improves hydration and tightens the skin.


Super Powder

Made from light and fresh talcum, this Super Powder keeps even the most intimate areas comfortable and dry. Sweat absorbing, friction reducing, and featuring a gentle talc scent, this barber-backed formula ensures odors, itchiness, and excess stickiness steer clear of chests, backsides, feet, and private areas, or just sprinkle where it needs to go. Don’t sweat it!

With talc and zinc, this very fine powder goes on light and prevents chafing by minimizing moisture, friction, and irritation. It’s also aluminum and alcohol-free.


The Shavior

For a noticeable relief from razor irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs, this barber-approved spot treatment/aftershave supplement is quick and effective. The Shavior is a botanical-loaded lotion that soothes the skin while solving the most common shaving issues.

This paraben and sulfate-free formula uses exfoliating glycolic acid to release ingrown hairs and improve the skin’s health and strength. The Shavior also uses soothing and antioxidant-rich Chamomile, softening, soothing, and skin-regenerating allantoin, and quick-absorbing, inflammation-taming bisabolol.


Eye Captain

A caffeine-infused serum, Eye Captain is an Energizing and Bag-Reducing Eye Cream that absorbs easily to instantly soothe the skin, deflate puffiness, eliminate dark circles, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Developed in the Men’s Spa, this top-shelf formula boosts circulation to smooth out lines, bags, and discoloration with a just-right “kick” to make the eye area look more youthful and awake.

This circulation-boosting formula can be used morning and night. Eye Captain uses tightening and brightening caffeine, moisture-locking almond oil, and anti-inflammatory green tea as a few of its key ingredients.


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