Beauty Spotlight: Tropical Treatments from Coco & Eve

Beauty Spotlight: Tropical Treatments from Coco & Eve

Haircare, Body Care & Self-Tanning Inspired by Bali

Welcome to the world of Coco & Eve, a Bali-inspired beauty brand that brings together luxurious haircare, body care, and self-tanning products. Prepare to be transported to a tropical paradise where eco-consciousness meets high-performance formulas.


How It Started

Coco & Eve started in the lush rainforests and volcanic beaches of Bali where co-founder Emily Hamilton drew endless inspiration and rejuvenation. Wanting to bottle that Bali magic, Coco & Eve was created to nourish, rejuvenate, and enhance natural beauty while capturing the essence of the island’s lush, tropical surroundings.

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of Coco & Eve’s star ingredient: raw virgin coconuts.

With this skin-and-hair-loving superfruit, the brand began producing transformative, effective products inspired by Bali’s rich natural resources and age-old beauty secrets. Today, it has garnered a loyal following and numerous accolades for its innovative beauty solutions.


Green as Bali

Coco & Eve’s commitment to the environment is evident in its green initiatives. The brand prioritizes sustainability, utilizing recycled materials in its packaging and ethical, cruelty-free ingredients. This dedication to the environment extends to Coco & Eve’s choice of suppliers and manufacturers by partnering with companies that share its eco-friendly ethos.


As well as avoiding drying and damaging sulfates, silicones, mineral oil, palm oil, toxins, gluten, phthalates, and parabens, Coco & Eve is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. The ingredients used are responsibly sourced, with COSMOS-certified papaya and prickly pear; sustainable, renewable shea butter; and the coconut, fig, cacao, and mango all coming from traceable, environmentally-friendly sources.

Whenever possible, Coco & Eve also uses as much of each fruit as possible to avoid unnecessary waste. When it comes to coconuts, for example, the extract is used in the hair masque, the oil in the elixir, and the shell in the scalp scrub. Even coconut flowers are used to make sugar for the body scrub.

Like many companies, Coco & Eve is microbead-free. Any exfoliants are made from biodegradable and natural ingredients, which means they won’t harm marine life (or your plumbing).


All Coco & Eve products come in 100% recyclable. Additionally, the brand is committed to reducing plastic waste with easy refills, it only uses FSC paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests, and the EVA bags used for accessories are 100% biodegradable.

On top of this, Coco & Eve designs its packaging to be reusable. With their bright designs, the pots and jars are designed to be repurposed with the brand recommending upcycling the empties to hold cotton rounds, hair accessories, or other bathroom storage needs.


The Coco & Eve Community

Coco & Eve has managed to build a strong online presence, creating a community of like-minded beauty enthusiasts who are passionate about the brand. With a robust social media presence and an engaging blog, Coco & Eve keeps its audience informed about new product launches, beauty tips, and the latest trends.

This active community helps propel the brand forward, with customers sharing their experiences, testimonials, and before-and-after photos. Positive word-of-mouth has contributed significantly to the growth and success of Coco & Eve.


Products in a (Coco)Nutshell

Coco & Eve offers a diverse range of high-quality, Bali-inspired haircare, body care, and self-tanning products that cater to various beauty needs. Each product is infused with natural ingredients and innovative formulations for a luxurious, indulgent, tropical experience.


The first Coco & Eve product—and one still celebrated today—is the award-winning Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque. This five-in-one treatment is designed to transform your tresses, offering deep conditioning, hydration, repair, shine, and frizz control.

The hair masque’s powerful blend of raw virgin coconuts and figs packs a punch, delivering an intense dose of hydration to your locks. The result? Healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair that looks and feels like you’ve just stepped out of a tropical paradise.

From the Like A Virgin haircare line, Coco & Eve also offers a Super Hydrating Shampoo, Super Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Miracle Hair Elixir, and Deep Clean Scalp Scrub.

Starting with the scrub, this is a unique pre-shampoo, in-shower treatment that helps loosen and wash away scalp impurities such as dry skin, oil, and product build-up for a flake-free finish. It also promotes hair growth for a thicker, bouncier mane complete with clean, healthy hair and, of course, scalp.

This formula uses coconut oil to deeply hydrate the skin and hair while peppermint oil soothes and cools irritated and agitated skin. Caffeine also strengthens hair follicles creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

The shampoo and conditioner work in tandem to create clean, hydrated, healthy hair from the first wash while adding shine without the weight.

With its rich lather & zero drying sulfates, the shampoo keeps locks cleaner longer while adding instant hydration, shine, softness, strength, volume, and no split ends or frizz. It’s also infused with fruit enzymes for a super clean, non-drying wash, and the Coconut & Fig scent creates a rainforest paradise at home.

The conditioner instantly detangles for less breakage whilst pea proteins repair and reduce damage by 65% with split ends sealed. It leaves locks noticeably glossier, shinier, and smoother with a texture three times thicker than a regular conditioner.

Finally, the elixir is a multi-tasking hair oil that restores softness and shine with a lightweight, non-greasy, silky finish. After absorbing quickly, this treatment protects against breakage, UV damage, and heat styling while treating split ends, boosting hydration, and smoothing frizz.


Coco & Eve’s product range goes beyond haircare, offering a diverse selection of body care and self-tanning solutions. Each product is formulated with the brand’s signature Bali-inspired touch, designed to transport you to a world of indulgence and relaxation.

The Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam is a game-changer in the self-tanning arena. Its lightweight, easy-to-apply formula delivers a streak-free, natural-looking tan that lasts for days. Infused with nourishing ingredients like mango, guava, and banana, the bronzing foam leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and smelling divine.

For a truly decadent body care experience, indulge in Coco & Eve’s Glow Figure Bali Buffing Sugar. This exfoliating scrub, rich in antioxidants and natural oils, gently removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.


In Conclusion

Coco & Eve is a brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainability, high-quality ingredients, and innovative formulations. With its diverse range of haircare, body care, and self-tanning products, Coco & Eve invites you to escape to a tropical paradise, all while caring for the environment and your body.

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