Beautiful Brows in One Simple Stamp

Beautiful Brows in One Simple Stamp

Create natural-looking eyebrows with this simple stencil and stamp

We have to talk about this because my brows are nice and filled, but very natural looking, and it’s all because of one product. I was skeptical about it at first, but I am so glad I tried out my newest favorite little package from Madluv, the Brow Stamp & Shaping Kit.

I had never used this brand before in my life, but when I saw it, I knew I needed to try it. This kit is basically a stamp for your eyebrows to get the perfect, natural-looking—but still glam—brow shape, fill, everything, in 30 seconds.

I don’t know about you, but I really care about my brows. Some days my mood is determined by my brows, and sometimes it’s difficult to make them look even and natural when you’re stuck to pencils and pomades.

I was very intrigued by Madluvv’s Brow Stamp & Shaping Kit, but I was scared it was not going look natural, it wasn’t going to look good, or it just wasn’t going to show up at all, so the fact that it showed up, filled in very naturally, but also was so easy to do had me shook. So, I’m going to show you guys exactly what comes with it and how to use it.

First off, it comes with a brow stamp. This is going to be the main product, the star of the show, and I got the shade Nearly Black because I have black hair.

The kit also comes with a little spoolie to help blend the product and five different brow shape stencils. The cool thing about each stencil is that it has lines on it to show you the length, so if you don’t want super long brows, you can customize the shape to your face.

The final item in this kit is a card you scan to get a step-by-step tutorial.

For the application, the first step is to pick your brow stencil. Again, there are five to choose from, so I tried on all five against my natural brows to see which one I was feeling. I went with #5 because I tend to like straight brows that have the least amount of arch possible, and it follows my natural brow shape.

If you look at the stencil markings, there is a tally mark of I and II on either end, which is where you hold down the stencil. Once you find your perfect brow stencil, align it with your brow shape and pay attention to the angle you’re holding it because you want your brows to match. Place your fingers on the I and II marks, take your open stamp, and pat it on your brows.

It says that you can do one layer, take the stencil off, and then add another layer if you want more shape and color, but because I already know I like bolder natural brows, I went in with three layers of very light taps before taking my stencil off. When I did, I was shocked by the pigmentation, but also how natural everything looked before I even blended it all together.

After removing the stencil, take the spoolie brush and comb the product through your brows to make sure everything is nice and blended, and your brow is done. You can totally notice the difference between the stamped and unstamped brows, and I had no issue getting the other side to be the same direction and shape.

The only callout I have is to make sure you wipe your stencil off before you do your other brow.

When you’re stamping, the stencil is there to pick up the excess product around the brow shape. I didn’t wipe it off the first time when I switched sides, so I had a little bit of color left over on my skin above my brow from the previous application. I was able to just wipe that off, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t remember either, but that’s one thing I learned when first applying.

This is the new way I’ll be filling in my brows from now on.

I suggest you run—don’t walk—to get the Madluvv Brow Stamp & Shaping Kit because it is definitely worth it, it’s worth trying, it’s such a cool product, and again, it gives you nice, natural brows that last all day and look like you barely did anything, because you barely had to.

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