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Romanticize Your Skincare Routine

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day: wake up, go to school, go to work, eat healthily, get enough sleep, workout regularly… There’s a lot we’re supposed to do every day, and sometimes it’s hard to want to do those things. That’s why I started to romanticize my life. In books, movies, and […]

My Tried & Clinically Tested IMAGE Skincare Routine

IMAGE offers a wide range of clean, clinical skincare powered by proven ingredients, smart botanicals, and results-first technology. These naturally effective, mindful formulas are created with a comprehensive approach that ensures your skin has what it needs for total wellness.   About IMAGE Skincare IMAGE Skincare was founded by an esthetician, developed by a plastic […]

The Ultimate Routine for Dry Skin

When it comes to dry, flaking skin, it can sometimes feel as if nothing will help. And in this great Age of the Internet, it’s often hard to find exactly what you need for your skin type. Luckily, we are skincare zealots here at eCosmetics, and we’ve found exactly what you need to relieve that […]

The Ultimate Routine for Oily Skin

Do you use eye cream before or after you moisturize? Will these ingredients make my oily skin better or worse? How do I even know what skin type I have? Trying to figure out everything your skin needs can be complicated and, at times, overwhelming. Oily skin in particular can also be tough to tackle, […]

The Ultimate Routine for Combination Skin

Combination skin is the trickiest skin to care for as most products target just oily or dry skin, and you’ve got both. It’s a whole process to find a routine that keeps all your skin issues under control, not to mention just finding products that actually work. It is never a good time when you […]

The Ultimate Routine for Normal Skin

When it comes to skincare, most products focus on fixing the problems of overly oily or excessively dry skin. This leaves anyone with “normal” skin searching through products that won’t throw off their balance by stripping or hydrating more than necessary. Luckily, we’ve found a routine and products that are perfect for normal skin types.* […]

Top Ten Tinted Moisturizers for the Summer

When the sun is coming down, temperatures rise, and the humidity outside is at its worse, nobody wants their skin weighed down with heavy makeup, or have it melted away. That’s where makeup and skincare combine wonderfully, blessing us with the ultimate summer makeup bag addition: tinted moisturizers.   What are tinted moisturizers? Tinted moisturizers […]

The Ultimate Exfoliation Guide

Whether you’re searching for the solution to your rough skin worries, finding the perfect formula for your skin type, or just trying to figure out the deal between physical and chemical exfoliation, this guide has answers to all your questions and concerns.   What is exfoliation? Our bodies are constantly creating new, healthy cells that […]

Review: Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum

Fine lines and wrinkles are tricky aspects of aging. They can add a mature touch that evokes a sense of wisdom, but that doesn’t mean wrinkles are always wanted, especially when they start appearing early. Then it becomes a quest to stop them, prevent them, fix them, and make them disappear.   That’s what I […]

Makeup Removal Just Got Easier

We’ve all been there: it’s late, you’re exhausted, and it’s much easier to crawl into bed and fall right asleep without going through your whole nighttime skincare routine. However, taking off your makeup every night is an extremely important step for healthy skin.   The most obvious problem with sleeping in makeup is that it […]

Brush vs Sponge: Which should you use?

Foundation is the first step to achieving a flawless makeup look, and having the right tools makes as much of a difference as the formula itself. Between using a brush or a sponge, is there a better choice for different looks, or is one always better than the other?   For this application comparison, we’re […]

Review: Guerlain Abeille Royale Multi-Wrinkle Minimizer Eye Cream

It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, my windows need some new panes, fresh paint, and a good scrub: I have dark circles under some tired-looking lids with fine lines and wrinkles to boot.   The area around your eyes has the most thin, sensitive, and delicate […]

How to get younger looking eyes instantly

When people look into your eyes, what do they see?   Our eyes are our most expressive feature. It’s often the first thing you notice about someone and our eyes instantly tell others how we’re feeling, whether they’re big with surprise, brimming with tears, drooping from lack of sleep, shooting daggers, or batting at someone […]

Review: Guerlain’s Orchidee Imperiale line

I’ve been a fan of Guerlain for most of my life as it holds a special place in my heart. My mom would put their face cream on me when I was a little girl, and it always made me feel like a real, grown-up woman.   I love the brand’s fragrances, and I’ve dabbled […]

Review: Suqqu Foundation

While the first step to a perfect makeup look is proper skincare, I’m always on the hunt for the best foundation available. A good foundation not only unifies the skin tone and texture, but it makes the whole complexion look healthy without causing damage by clogging the pores or interfering with the already-applied skincare.   […]

Get Soft, Plump Lips, Even in Dry Winter Weather

Between whipping winds, cold temperatures, dry air, and harsh weather, our skin takes quite the beating during the winter. Areas where the skin is the thinnest need even more protection and care, and hydration plays an important role in that.   Keeping your skin moisturized prevents not only dryness, redness, flaking, and peeling, but also […]

How to Look Expensive

The idea of “looking expensive” isn’t new, but with the boom of social media over the past few years, more people are diving into this trend of appearing more “expensive” or “high class” without having to spend more money. This trend doesn’t have to do with showing off big brands or flexing wealth, but instead […]

Washing with Oil?

Like many people, my skincare is ever-evolving. While I have some staples I use time and time again, I still like to try different brands and formulas, and even new steps I previously didn’t have in my routine.   I’ve loved La Mer’s products for a while, and I even tried their lip balm for […]

The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide

Try as we might, we cannot change the weather. However, the weather can affect us, and especially our skin. Although our skin prefers consistency, as the seasons change, we must change our skincare to match.   In the winter, the temperatures and humidity levels drop. Our skin has to work harder, then, to stay hydrated […]

One Skincare Switch to Stop Aging

If there’s one thing you need to take away when it comes to skincare, it is that prevention is key, and prevention is not difficult. You can protect your skin and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots with one simple product: sunscreen.     Sunscreen is vitally important to skincare; You need to have […]

My Secret Weapon for Clear, Healthy Skin

My entire life, I have been using my hands to wash my face. That is until I started using an electric, vibrating, silicone face scrubber.   Anyone who uses thicker skincare products (like sunscreens) or wears makeup can attest that finger-cleansing isn’t always effective enough. Using a scrubber can help cleanse the skin more deeply, […]

Quick and Easy Makeup Removal Hack

Whether you’re often on the go, habitually busy, or just prefer a simple skincare routine, the one product you need that takes off every bit of makeup in one easy step is The Makeup Eraser.     The Makeup Eraser is a plush cloth made of thin fibers that feel velvety soft, like the most […]

Skincare Superheroes: Beauty Oil

While those of us with oily or combination complexions may shudder at the idea of adding more oil to our skin, it’s not as crazy of an idea as first glance may suggest.   While dry skin obviously needs more hydration, oily and combination skin types tend to see an overproduction of oil because the […]

Product Review: Drunk Elephant’s E-Rase Milki Micellar Water

When it comes to skincare for those of us who love makeup, one of the most important things to learn is the double cleanse. Starting a nightly routine with an oil-based face wash or micellar water helps remove makeup, sunscreen (which you should wear every day), dirt, and oil from the skin, and following up […]

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